Uncommon Blog Posts + “Thank you” Freebie

Thank you
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Uncommon Blog Posts + “Thank you” Freebie

Thank you

I know. My last blog post was somehow “unfit” for the topic of this site.

It was about the ways our perception works. It was an attempt to try and understand this experience we’re going through and which we call – life.

Didn’t have much to do with graphics and illustrations, I know. Some of my blog posts are just like that. I like to express my thoughts visually and literary. Can’t help it.

The understanding from the last blog post is based on what I’ve learned by Dr. Bruce Lipton and he learned by observing cells.

Trying to understand all this is not a visual artists job, I know. As a matter of fact – this is, traditionally, philosophers job. Philosophers have been working on understanding our “reality” since, like, forever, but we kinda look at Greek philosophers as guys who made a foundations of modern western world philosophy a few hundreds of years B.C.

However, what we’d like to do now, a few thousands years later – we’d like not just to understand, but also to apply this understanding on our everyday lives. And, ultimately – just feel better.

Including me.

Well, anyways, I hope you don’t me philosophizing a bit in between the visual arts related blog posts.

Right. I think it’s time now to move on. Monday is here (again), I congratulate all of you who went this far reading this blog post and I feel like giving away something in return. Yep, I know, you guessed, it will be a freebie. Well, what can I say …

Let there be freebies!

For all of you who suffered all the way down here into this blog post I will give you a little download of Gold and Silver Stars Overlays as a way of saying “Thank you!” for bearing with me. If you have some thoughts on these topics – I’d like to hear it. And, in the meantime, let’s see the freebie.

So, here is what I’ve done:

Freebie number one: Gold and Silver Stars Overlays

2 transaprent PNG files, 12×12 inches (3600×3600 px) @300dpi

Gold and Silver Stars Overlays Gold and Silver Stars Overlays

Gold and Silver Stars Overlays

Freebie number two:  November 2018 Desktop Calendar

1366x768 November desktop calendar 2018


And voilà!

Did I say I was learning French last couple of months? (It’s where this voilà comes from. In case you did not know – It isn’t easy. Oh, no sir. It’s quite challenging, even frustrating from time to time, but as in anything in life – it’s the persistence that counts in the end.

On the other hand, in this part of Europe, where I live right now, French is a must. You won’t get away with just English. Oh, no. Forget about it.

Ok. I think that’s about it for my regular daily “twaddle”. Enjoy your Monday, may your “positivity sensors” be on 100% alert today!

Hug and love everyone!



The desktop calendar freebie from this blog post was done using the following ingredients:

1. My photos (from bsilvia.com)

2.  Bokeh Photo Overlays, Pack of 60 bokeh overlays

3. King Basil handmade brush font

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