Month: September 2010

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Damask Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps)

Gang!I know, I’ve been away for a while. It’s been nine days since my last post. But, it was for a good reason. I was busy creating a brand new bsilvia Photoshop brushes (Digital stamps) set. Believe me, I did not have such a demanding and complicated brush project for quite a while! But now, […]

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Mark the Month on Your Photo

Here is a little something for scrap-bookers, but also web designers graphic designers and DTP designers. Dressing up images into a nice, new, shiny, perfect-fit clothes enhances the image and delivers more information to the audience. For that purpose, today, I prepared a special Photoshop brushes set – Month by Month. Month by month Photo […]

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(S)he who dares – wins! (And New Digital Stamps – Dates)

Few days ago we introduced Calendar 2011 digital stamps (Photoshop brushes) with transparent PNG files. And today, it’s only fair to introduce Photoshop brushes – Dates Days, months and years (2009-2017) – all you need for your scrap books, photo albums, memory books, designs… Dates (2009-2017) Photoshop brushes set (56) + 56 PNGs features * […]

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Make Your Own 2011 Calendar – Fast and Easy Way

I remember, a very long time ago (it was still 20th century :)) I collected photos of my family members:  grandfather, grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins …  and got them scanned in a printing studio (no digital cameras at that time of course and to buy flatbed scanner you had to be seriously rich).  […]

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Photo Masks Grunge Squares (4) – Photoshop brushes Free Download

Gang, Few days ago, I introduced a brand new, hot and a totally very nice Photoshop brushes set Photo masks Grunge Squares (4). And, the very same day I made a promise. I solemnly promised to issue a LITE (read FREE) edition of this, genuinely, PREMIUM Photoshop brushes set! As I promised – Wednesday is […]

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Month by Month Photo Masks, Photoshop brushes

Scrapbookers and designers – this is for you! Month by Month Photo Masks, Photoshop brushes I know many of you just love to use Photoshop brushes as photo masks. So, I’ve spent some time, last few days actually, to create a brand new photo masks. And… voila! If you are interested to see them you […]

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Photo Masks – Grunge Squares New Photoshop brushes set

Ladies and gentleman, It is my great pleasure, on this beautiful day, to present you with a brand new, steamy and hot Photoshop brushes set: Photo Masks – Grunge Squares Photoshop Brushes The set includes 25 brushes in three different sizes (from huge ones for printing purposes to small ones for web purposes), so you […]

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