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Make your own St. Patrick’s Day apron in three easy steps

OK. St. Patrick’s Day is coming and I though I’d prepare something original for the occasion. St. Patricks Day apron. I mean, everybody’s got a T-shirt already, inn’it? Apron for St. Patrick’s Day with Irish saying by “unnamed author”) For every wound, a balm. For every sorrow, cheer. For every storm, a calm. For every […]

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Decorating A Wedding Photography With PS Brushes

Gang! Since I know many of you are, one way or another, involved into weddings whether it be as a friends, family or wedding photographers it is always nice to have some cool photos from the occasion. So, I thought I’d show you how to decorate a wedding photo with Photoshop brushes. In this particular […]

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Photoshop Brushes in Action: Bride&Groom – how it’s done

OK Gang! First, I need to apologize for not writing for so long. Mea culpa. Was away for a while. So, for those of you who wanted to find out was the graphic from the previous post done – here it is. OK. But, first, let me show you another version of the same graphic […]


How to Convert Photoshop Brushes to Paint Shop Pro Brushes, Fast and Easy Way

Guys, I know many of you use Paint Shop Pro. To be honest, back in the ’90 or ’91 at the times when I was just starting to discover the magic of graphics on PC, my first bitmap editing program was Corel… Photo Paint I think was the name.Only later on I moved over to […]


6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Brushes

The most important shortcuts when working with Photoshop brushes are the one to select Brush tool on the main Toolbar – “B”, to get the Brushes Toolbar on the screen – “F5”, to decrease the brush size “[“, to increase the brush size “]”, to select next brush on brushes palette “.” and to select previous brush on brushes palette “,”.

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