Winter Is Coming. Therefore – Snow Photo Overlays

Snow Photo Overlays
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Winter Is Coming. Therefore – Snow Photo Overlays

Snow Photo Overlays

Last winter, on one really snowy day, I kinda felt like going outside and take some “snowy” pictures. So, I put on some warm clothes, mounted my favorite lens on my trustful camera and went out for some “photo hunting”. This kind of weather can offer some nice photo opportunities so, well, I wasn’t gonna miss it.

I was wondering around, taking pictures of this or that, until it got so cold that I decided that it was enough. On my way back home I looked up and, naturally, snowflakes started falling on my face, in the eyes, open mouth… 🙂

I pointed my camera to the sky. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but just in case, I set the exposition rather short to get the snowflakes as sharp as possible and took more than 50 photos of snowflakes as they were heading towards the lens.

When I got back home and opened the pictures on my PC – whoa!!! I got a true snowflakes, really sharp too, definitely something that can be used for all kinds winter themed visual design projects!

So, well, the long story short, ladies and gentleman, after taking the photos and spending hours to clean the background out of each and every one of them, I can now proudly present

Real Snow Photo Overlays (Snowflakes) – made of real snowflake photos

Pack of 25 transparent PNG files: 3600x3600px

I think these are really cool. You can see on the image below a sample of what these overlays can do.


Snow Photo Overlays


Snow Photo Overlays

Basically, the variations are unlimited and all you need to know (in Photoshop or whatever application you use) is:

  1. How to reduce/increase the layer transparency
  2. How to duplicate layers

With these two options you can make variations between just a light snow effect up to the heavy snowstorm.

These can be used in all kinds of visual design projects. I can see those used in digital scrapbooks but also in all other forms of visual design.


In addition, at this moment, I am offering a 20% discount on everything!

To get the 20% discount – on checkout use the code: NOV2018 (Coupon expires: 2018-11-30)



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