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How to Create Retro and Vintage Effects Online

Gang, Look what I’ve found! Totally cool site (no, they did not pay me a dime to say this :)) where you can upload your image (or play with some of their images) and apply totally cool retro and vintage effects on it. I tell you I had fun with some of my images there, […]

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Is there life outside of the Facebook? (Or, are we alone here?)

Warning: This post might get, occasionally, funny! There are glimpses of funny, least to say. (Also, no free downloads here, check the previous posts for free downloads or join GBG.Thank you.) Note for Google: Facebook Page Templates and Facebook Fan Pages and Our New Facebook Fan Page (I know, the heading is not funny, but […]

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Summer Frames – Free Photoshop Brushes for Our Facebook Fans

OK. At the time of making the previous post we were just about to reach 5000 fans on our Facebook page. Now, not many of you knows, probably because I am not stressing it too often, but there are quite a few pretty cool downloads under “Notes” on our Facebook page. So, that’s my way of […]

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10 Day Photoshop Brushes Quest; Circles of Motivation [Set 9/10]

Gang, It’s day nine of our 10 Days, 10 Freebies quest and today, I proudly bring you Circles of Motivation Photoshop brushes set Preview: To get more designers stuff you might also want to: Circles of Motivation (wordart) are Free Photoshop brushes available for everyone!

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10 Day Photoshop Brushes Quest; Photo Frames [Set 8/10]

Day 8. I’m running out of ideas …. … … NOT! Ladies and gentleman, I will not repeat myself, you know what this is all about. The time has come for Love Photo Frames – Photoshop brushes set, free! yeah! [Download “Time for Love – Photo frames” Photoshop brushes set here and now ->] Photo […]

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10 Day Photoshop Brushes Sets Quest; Stickers set [Set 7/10]

And we are day 7 now. You, this can be really exhausting… but, what can I do? Now that I gave myself this task and made you a promise, I just have to go along and do this. Nooo, it’s fun really! So, without any further ado, ladies and gentleman, the epic 10 days, 10 […]

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10 Days Photoshop Brushes Quest; Handwritten Words/Wordings [Free Set 6/10]

OK. So it’s only four days to go. In the last five days I’ve given away 5 free Photoshop brushes sets which you can use for any graphic design purposes, especially for Father’s day designs. Today, I bring you Photoshop brushes “Handwritten Words” These Photoshop brushes were one of the many free Photoshop brushes issued […]

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10 Free Father’s Day Photoshop Brushes Sets; [Set 5/10]

10 days, 10 Photoshop brushes,  Father’s Day Countdown continues and we are half way there. Today, I proudly bring you Swirled Circled Hearts Photoshop brushes Swirled and circled hearts have always been on the top of my favorite Photoshop brushes sets list and I hope they will make it big time on your “Best of […]

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10 Free Father’s Day Photoshop Brushes Sets; [Set 4/10]

Day 4 is here. Six more days to Father’s day. Six more brushes sets to go. You can still pick up the previous three from the previous three days and here and now you can get the Father’s Day Photoshop brushes set Preview: Obviously, this one should be totally ok for the Father’s Day Occasion […]

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