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Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background / Wallpaper and Calendar; May 2014 – Free Download Ok. This one will be really quick. Because I have to run to my mother’s place for Easter Monday dinner. And, oh yes! Happy Easter Everyone! I know I am a bit late, but better late then never, […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes

Hey! Hey! Hey! Dear friends, visitors, graphic designers, scrapbook lovers, new Photoshop brushes set is in town 🙂 I feel, these days, like and old rock-star (in platform shoes as Bono used to sing) coming back to the stage. Or, even better, I feel like a Terminator II. Why II? Because II is better then […]

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Water Photoshop Brushes Set

Gang! Here is some good news for GBG Platinum members! Now, just before we go on to the nice addition for GBG Platinum members, here is a little reminder on what do GBG Platinum members get? (Apart from 24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes from GBG Shop which is $239,76 value) Well, apart from that and apart from all brushes […]

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October 2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

I know, I know. It’s 5th already. Well, what can I say? It is a kind of tradition. I am almost always late with calendar wallpapers. Instead of publishing it few days before 1st, I publish it few days after the beginning of the month. I hope you can forgive me. You know how it […]

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Using Photoshop brushes in Movie DVD Cover Design

Yep. The times are tough. But, even in toughest times, the darkest hours in human history, people were still creating, making art. So, when a friend of mine approached me and asked for help in creating design of the DVD cover for their latest non-profit movie, I was more than happy to help. My friend’s […]

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New Photoshop Brushes Set: Elegant Floral Edges

Gang, As always, GBG Gold and Platinum members are, again, getting new PREMIUM Photoshop brushes for free. This time I prepared Elegant Floral Edges (5+5+5) Photoshop brushes set – 5 brushes – three sizes and 5 transparent PNG files New FREE Photoshop brushes set for Gold and Platinum GBG members! I really enjoyed working on […]

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Leafy Photo Masks: Photoshop Brushes and Digital Stamps

In this blog post: a bit about the happiness a bit about the strangest creatures from the deep ocean free download for GBG Gold and Platinum members for free downloads please refer to previous post or become GBG Member, or / and come again on Saturday Gang, before I tell you a bit about today’s […]

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