Year: 2019


The Path

I know, this blog is getting weirder and weirder. I am talking less about visual arts and more about the general topics of life and the universe. Getting old I guess. Here is another photo I wanted to share with you guys. I took it few days ago on the German/Luxembourg border while I was […]

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Pink, Purple And Gold Watercolor Clip Art w/Free Downloads

Watercolor Clip Art, New FREE Download In this blog post I proudly present you Pink, Purple And Gold Watercolor Clip Art. This is completely FREE download and includes 10 Pink, Purple Watercolor transparent PNG files, 10 Gold Foil Dust transparent PNG files – so you can mix them together and make finest decorations for your […]

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Photo Overlays Bundle

Turn your photos into photo artwork. Hey guys, Silvia here from Graphics-Illustration.Com and in this blog post I am proudly presenting the Ultimate Photo Overlays Bundle! Big photo overlays bundle with 535 Photo Overlays Now, I know that many of you do photography. Actually, since the rise of the mobile devices photographic capabilities, everyone (ok, […]

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