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Tweet! Tweet! Springtime and Photoshop brushes

Gang! You know how I always emphasize the potential of Photoshop brushes when it comes to making some extra bucks (and we could all use some, right? :)) So, in one of my recent posts I was sharing my happiness with you because someone just bought a T-Shirt that I made with a little help […]

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How to Make a Valentine’s Envelope

Hello, my dear Photoshop brushes and DiY addicts! Valentine’s day is near and now is the right time to get ready and prepare some nice surprises for the ones we love. We all know that the best gifts are the ones that we prepare by ourselves. So, for today I prepared a little DiY tutorial […]

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Photoshop brushes: Winter in Swirls (Snowflakes, Trees, Stars and Balls made of swirls)

Guys, what can I say… I wish you a Very Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying these holidays with your family, friends and the ones you love the most. I am doing the same, so I will keep this short, but sweet. For today I prepared a brand new Photoshop brushes set! And this […]

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Free Christmas Card Template for Photographers

Guys! I’m on fire. I am on the creating spree with a free Christmas card template for photographers. Why? Because you asked for it! How do I know that you asked for it? Google told me. :=) I spoke to Mr. Google the other day. “Hey dude! How are you? What’s up?” and so on […]

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Photoshop Brushes on Clocks

Guys,I get so happy and excited when I learn about new start-up business that came out as a result of love and passion for graphic design or scrapbooking or any other form of visual arts! My pleasure is even bigger when I know that my Photoshop brushes had a role in such project and I […]

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Wedding Photo Album Cover

I know, this blog is mostly about Photoshop brushes. Mostly and mainly. It is also about anything and everything that has anything to do with graphics and illustrations. (Nicley put, in’nit?) Most of the visitors of this blog (around 3000 daily, 80% are new visits) came over here through Google looking for some free downloads […]

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How to make a great looking postcard

Gang!In case you did not notice, today is 9th of September 2009, or 09.09.09.Now, how cool is that? Some believe that 9 is the number of eternity. So, many decided to get married today for this symbolic reason. Which brings me to Beatles. How? Well, not just because their fame is eternal, but also because […]

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