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The announcements are not just informative but also a treasure trove of freebies, especially our diverse range of Photoshop brushes designed to enhance your projects.

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Valentines Day Photoshop brushes Video Trailer

Gang, I already told you about Igor Ferderber, a dear friend who makes beautiful video trailers. Well he did not stop with our 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET video, oh no! We did not let him! Just today, he freshly released another great one, living up to the expectations or even exceeding them, what can […]

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Photoshop Brushes Competition – Beat the January Blues

First – thank you Fiona and Heather for your work, those rally cheered me up! But… for the competition images had to be made woth our little simple on-line designer (the application below), but, you will still get the honorable mention 🙂 Thank you Fiona! Thank you Heather too! Competition in details: So, to sum […]

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800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET Video Trailer

Ladies and gentleman, my dear friends, visitors, designers, scrapbookers, photographers, Photoshop enthusiasts, GBG members… I am very, very excited at this very moment :)) You see, I wanted to have a video trailer for 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET for a long time. Mainly, because video is one of my passions. I just love to […]

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Mark the Month on Your Photo

Here is a little something for scrap-bookers, but also web designers graphic designers and DTP designers. Dressing up images into a nice, new, shiny, perfect-fit clothes enhances the image and delivers more information to the audience. For that purpose, today, I prepared a special Photoshop brushes set – Month by Month. Month by month Photo […]

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Make Your Own 2011 Calendar – Fast and Easy Way

I remember, a very long time ago (it was still 20th century :)) I collected photos of my family members:  grandfather, grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins …  and got them scanned in a printing studio (no digital cameras at that time of course and to buy flatbed scanner you had to be seriously rich).  […]

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Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

Hi, this is not Silvia speaking. I’m Meoki. Black&White, up-side-down cat holding “Special Offers” board, look here, a little bit up on the right side -> Silvia decided that she needs some rest (and believe me – she does) and asked me if I could do the post and introduce brand new Photoshop brushes she […]

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Winners of the Graphics-Illustrations Summer 2010 Competition

Gang! Finally! The finals of the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition! Participants were kindly asked to do a graphic at whatever theme they prefer. The only condition was to use some of the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Photoshop brushes. We’ve got some really GREAT entries! And I want to thank you all! All entries can be seen our Graphics-Illustrations.Com […]

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The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

I got  “The Pig of Happiness” mug by Edward Monkton from my sister some time ago. She brought it from her trip to London and … it instantly became my favorite mug (who doesn’t have one). It says: “May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be HAPPY about” So, inspired by […]

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Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition

Gang! A month later than the last year, but still on time, ladies and gentleman, after last years success when we received 116 graphics (proudly displayed on our Facebook page), we proudly announce Graphics-Illustrations Summer 2010 Competition Yes, the competition is back. So, of you remotely like graphics or visual arts, you are invited to participate! […]

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