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The announcements are not just informative but also a treasure trove of freebies, especially our diverse range of Photoshop brushes designed to enhance your projects.

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All Brushes Offered for Download on This Blog Are Now Photoshop 7.0 Compatible

Photoshop 7.0 Brushes, as we know, are compatible with all succeeding Photoshop versions. I took me while to convert them all but it’s done now and you’re welcome to download them! Last year, in summer, I started creating Photoshop brushes using Photoshop CS2, then I upgraded to Photoshop CS3 and didn’t even dreamed about how […]

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PS Brushes, Swirls and Butterflies, How-to’s and downloads…

Hi Gang! I did it again. Just couldn’t help it, played around with some of my brushes (Swirls and Butterflies) and made this little cutie: After it was finished I thought I’d call it Fantasy Butterflies! For the curious ones, I will post a short tutorial on how I did it in a short while. […]

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Advanced Photoshop Magazine Published My PS Brushes

Now how cool is that. One of the most popular magazines for Photoshop users and professionals decides that my brushes meet their high standards. They dedicated one whole page to my Photoshop brushes and they announce my brushes on the front page. Free versions of my brushes are included in the CD. I’m just so […]


I just gave away a graphics-illustrations T-shirt to someone I don’t even know

I was just getting ready to become depressed as nothing interesting was happening today and it was just about to became… boring? until few hours ago I run into that shoemoney blog. It seemed like every blogger in the universe knows about that guy except for me. OK, I am a designer and a photographer […]


Domain name and web server change

Today’s news are: I bought the domain name: and I hosted it at (all of my domains are hosted there). Now I’m thinking about possible problems before my DNS is activated: … I really don’t know what will happen after I transfer my blog to new domain… and I’m kinda’ afraid of the […]

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